Who are we ?

At Goodness Perfect, we offer a human approach in cohesion with the expectations of our customers and our planet. This is why our products come from plants 100% was and natural. For each of your beauty concerns, we offer you a solution: highlighting your diversity, your differences and your well-being, these are our values.

Thanks to our research, our experience with natural ingredients found on African soil and our French know-how. We can offer you several ranges from responsible ecology. We formulate our products with raw materials such as fenugreek oil, extracts of petit cola or even shea butter, ingredients recognized worldwide for their virtues in cosmetics.

Derived from African traditions, Goodness Perfect products are grouped into several ranges which are themselves subdivided into specific treatments: the volumizing cream range, the intimate care range, etc.

Our products are not only aesthetic, they have been created to motivate each of you in your daily life. In addition, all our formulas are VEGANwhich means that we do not use animal products, by-products or derivatives and that no Goodness Perfect product has been involved in animal testing by or on behalf of the company, in accordance with the legislation.

We also want to encourage a more sustainable mode of consumption. That's why we use recyclable vegetable plastic bottles and our bottles and jars are made from material 100% recycled.